Camp Auger



A semi-accessible waterfront property named Camp Auger was donated several years ago, with the intention to reduce barriers that those with disabilities face in accessing the wilderness. Given we are located in a very isolated geographical location, withouopportunities for barrier-free experiences in nature, this is an exciting opportunity for usOur mission is to renovate, upgrade and create a fully accessible space for our clients, our region, and for all of the Superior-Greenstone communities.

SGACL provides support to a significantly marginalized population with intellectual and physical challenges, the upgrades that we have planned will lessen and potentially eliminate the barriers that our clients face while camping in the wilderness. Paths will be widened and paved to allow for clients in wheelchairs to explore the surrounding forest. We will also look to upgrade our docks to allow wheelchairs to safely access the water, including a ramp and other renovations that will create easy access for those with physical limitations to experience the joy of swimming in a lake.

An accessible Camp Auger would continue to enhance our mission, which is that all persons should live in a state of dignity and share in all elements of living in our community. It would also allow us additional spaces to host our own services, while also giving us the opportunity to share the space with our surrounding communities who are looking for accessible event spaces.

Find out about how you can make a difference in our project to restore Camp Auger by visiting our Donation Page.